• Fast Twitch

    Fast Twitch Performance Training Centre is Australia’s most innovative Training Centre. Fast Twitch incorporates training methods no other gym in Australia can - High-Speed Iso-Kinetics.

  • PhysioFit

    At Physio Fit, we are extremely passionate about improving your health and getting you to perform at your very best, whether it be competing in high levels of sport or to be able to be more active with your kids on the weekend.

    We guarantee to provide thorough assessments and effective treatments backed by the latest research. Our assessments look to find the source of your pain or problem so we can not only help manage them, but also prevent them from coming back. If you have been on the merry go round of treating the symptoms rather than the cause this will be a refreshing change from the norm.

  • EFM Parafield Gardens

    Personalised Training programs every session to guide you through your fitness journey. Enjoy month by month membership and find a gym that you enjoy, where you feel comfortable exercising with like-minded people and that works for you.

  • David Clayton Remedial Massage

    We were born to move and moving is fun and Movement is living.

    Are you too sore or tired that you no longer do the activities that you once enjoyed?

    Remedial massage helps you to move better, feel better and recover faster.

  • Curves Elizabeth

    For more than 20 years we have been helping women transform their lives and we will continue this mission with exciting, effective programs that answer the needs of our members. We know you will love what you find when you work out at Curves. Come see the difference Curves can make for you.